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We look forward to providing you with quality discount boating supplies boat parts and service for many years to come. We're constantly adding new boat supplies every day, so do visit us frequently. We are Distributors of marine boat soundproofing, boat noise reduction engine room soundproofing noise suppression materials, Boat insulation sound noise reduction, motor-home motor noise sound reduction attenuation dampening barrier products.

Yacht engine noise attenuation material, yacht sound insulation deadening solutions for 45 years with proven products both, residential and Commercial, the engine room sound noise material prices are wholesale. We have an extensive menu of discount quality boat Supplies to choose from. Enjoy your visit!

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There are many noise boat sound proofing applications that our products can be applied to: , boat engine room enclosure yacht soundproofing, motor acoustic vinyl/foam. Recording studio noise attenuation, music studio, theater, home applications between floor levels and rooms, or machinery, Trucks, Vans, New Construction, businesses, theater surround sound, boat carpet underlayment insulation, boat headliner, motor sound damping sound proofing, pool pump soundproofing and any place there's excessive sound levels.

You'll find an extensive selection of boat soundproofing & attenuation products to choose from. We offer both pleasure Boat's and Coast Guard approved engine room insulation material for ships, sailboats, RV's, trucks & engine room sound proof, sound vinyl, headliner and portable boat soundproofing for generators.

Acoustic differences between gas and diesel engines

Boat Diesel engines sound acoustic main frequencies are prevalent between 80 to 250 Hz with 105 dB value, upward to 1500Hz. These are mixed with noise generated at frequencies up to 850 Hz. The mix and match of sounds creates additive sound waves, causing the diesel engine low tone sound perception.

Gas engines sound acoustic frequencies are prevalent between 150 and 2000Hz. with 105 dB value. These are mixed with noise generated at frequencies up to 2000Hz. The mix and match of sounds creates additive and destructive sound waves, causing the gas engine mid to high tone sound perception.

We offer Wholesale boat marine engine room soundproofing insulation supplies & boat supplies.

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Commercial Soundproofing Marine Soundproofing
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