Marine motor soundproofing engine compartment sound deadening Boats & RV

Marine DIY Boat marine soundproofing materials - engine boat noise reduction vinyl/foam mylar faced -

Gas & Diesel engine noise dampening - Portable Generator motor compartment insulation Enclosure - Sailboat - Boat motor sound proofing insulation - Generator vinyl/foam boat engine compartment insulation & sound deadening/damping with mass loaded vinyl barrier, (MLV) foam back vinyl.

One area commonly overlooked is the forward bulkhead, usually loaded with accessories, easy to remedy, remove your accessories and place our 1" or 1/2"  2lb composite then reinstall your accessories on top of our insulation material.

We offer over 20 years of boating experience both in high performance boats & yachts. We offer superior noise attenuation boat sound proofing boat marine engine soundproofing, materials that don't separate or shrink and far out perform imitations.

Mechanical engine compartment insulation sound proofing - noise reduction both hydraulic or mechanical applications

Sound suppression - Boat Acoustic panels Vinyl/Foam barrier composite & Lead sound attenuation - yacht/Boat Vinyl Headliner - Motor home motor-  Boat/Yacht - Sailboat Headliner - Boat/Yacht/Sailboat. Diesel motor noise sound control vinyl/foam attenuation at it's best. This is an ideal product for boat sound proofing  mechanical noise control marine engine soundproofing

Price comparison

Sound proofing product description Use Our sale price per sq ft Competition sale price per sq ft.
1" Vinyl/foam 1 LB 4 layers Gas $4.65 $8.12
1-1/16" vinyl foam yacht sound proofing 2 lb 4 layers Diesel/Gas $8.81 N/A
1-1/2" Vinyl foam 2 lb 4 layers Diesel/Gas $7.76 1-1/4" $9.23
2-1/8" vinyl foam 2 lb 4 layers Diesel/Gas $9.87 N/A
5/8" vinyl foam 2 lb 4 layers Diesel/Gas $9.66 N/A

We also offer Coast Guard approved boat engine room fiberglass/lead boat sound proofing panels for commercial vessels as well as generator boat sound proofing engine Sound barrier material for all applications.
CBM Corporation distributes noise and vibration control materials, boat motor for boating and many other industries. We provide information, technical assistance, and detailed installation instructions to assure our customers positive and cost effective results. Over the years we have provided assistance to thousands of OEM and custom boat builders, naval architects, and boat owners. Our technology and capabilities for reducing noise in applications are unmatched. Noise problems similar to those in Boat/Yacht applications occur across most industries and can be solved with our materials and experience. Having a limited amount of space does not have to prevent achieving top attenuation by using our 1" 2 lb composite, an excellent alternative to our 2" 2 lb.

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Yacht noise, boat motor room sound proofing, barrier generator room Sound Absorption panels.

BARRIER COMPOSITE MATERIALS use an array of base materials to achieve specific results, and are the best materials for lining power machinery, boat sound proofing motor area ceiling yacht insulation generators, and other noisy spaces. These materials absorb reflecting noise within machinery space while creating an effective barrier against sound transmission through walls, panels and bulkheads. In some cases Barrier Composites are not required and CBM, Inc. provides ACOUSTIC ABSORBERS from a similar array of base materials. These Acoustic Absorption Composites are lighter, and are manufactured from the same basic materials as the other composites.

Boat/Yacht motor room soundproofing acoustical sound proofing at it's best for diesel or gas.

CBM, Inc. extends beyond these materials however, as we offer comprehensive solutions to noise problems. We also supply acoustic Carpet underlayment,  barrier sheets, vibration damping material, isolation materials, equipment isolators, motor mounts, generator boat insulation compartment, shaft couplings and exhaust silencers.


How to sound proof your motor

Note: Our 1 lb panels are 4.5' X 8' = 36 sq ft. our 2 lb 4.5' X 6' =27 sq ft.
Example what to use in different soundproofing applications.

If your primary concern is noise attenuation then select  2 lb per sq ft. 2" space permitting.

Order pins/tape/adhesive etc.

Wholesale boat/yacht motor sound proofing to the retail trade end user and marina's.

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