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Mass loaded vinyl barrier is a specialty developed mass layer product offering superior acoustic transmission loss combined with good damping properties. 1/8" 4'W X 25 feet.

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Mass loaded vinyl barrier 1/8 4.5 ft X 30


Mass loaded vinyl barrier

Acoustical MLV Barrier is a specialty developed mass loaded vinyl layer product offering superior soundproofing. Mass/damper sheet offers STC Ratings up to 32, It is a low cost material used for a variety of marine and land based room soundproofing. The drawings below shows Tuff-Mass installed as a suspended mass loaded barrier. This typical application would improve transmission loss between adjoining room spaces. The combination of the damping and stiffness properties of mass loaded vinyl gives it excellent performance as a combined mass layer and damper when applied to partition panels and lightweight structural bulkheads, reducing room transmission of both airborne and structure Borne noise attenuation. Application direct to panels is best done with pre-applied pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) backed up be minimal fasteners or staples.
Mass loaded vinyl exhibits the strength and workability of conventional reinforced barrier materials, without using a fabric layer. This innovation of integral strength and tear resistance
provides a barrier that is suitable for suspension with mechanical fastenings, without the cost normally associated with a fabric reinforced laminated product Ideal product for sound studio, garage, basement and recording studio and much more. This product can be applied to pre construction soundproofing and post construction.
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Wholesale mass loaded vinyl 1/8" 4.5'W X 30 feet.

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