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Marina dockside Power centers - Marina Pier Pillars   Click here for pre-made power centers

Dock electrical shore power pedestals - marina centers for your marina/pier and all of the accessories to complete the project.

You will find our expert staff to be both informative and a pleasure to work with. Our Power pillars Products manufactures and/or supplies just about every accessory for your marina. Our full range of products uses only the highest quality materials, marine grade receptacles and the finest craftsmanship to assure you are getting the most durable and corrosion resistant products for your waterfront application.

In addition to quality aluminum pedestal power pillars we also offer a full line of marina products, such as aluminum ladders cleats, light stanchions, power pilings and much more.

We offer a complete line of dock equipment to complete your project.

Flexmaster, Inc. has been manufacturing Flexmaster piling Fenders and other accessories for over 10 years. Our high-quality manufacturing process and our commitment to superb customer service has allowed Cyber Bridge Marine products to emerge as a leader in the boating accessory industry.