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Marine sound insulation boat engine room sound proofing 1 in. 54 in X 96 in. 1 Lb.


Marine Boat engine sound deadening boat vinyl/foam soundproofing barrier deadening noise attenuating

Marine sound insulation grade foam boat motor compartment soundproofing Enclosure composite sound deadening barrier is an effective treatment for airborne noise that radiates from the boat engine compartment room, and other machinery.

Boat motor soundproofing compartment sound barrier Vinyl/Foam Between two layers of polyether fire retardant foam covered by a thin attractive vapor barrier facing. The composite is designed and manufactured specifically for attenuation of sounds from machines such as boat motors, generator compartment, pumps, and other machinery equipment, which may have significant bass and mid-range frequency components. Our construction centers the acoustic vinyl between equal thickness of Foam, front and back. This configuration optimizes the mid and bass frequency sound isolation in comparison to other materials with only thin foam layer on the back-side; solely optimized for "tinier" high-frequency noise.

Place pins 18" - 20" on center. The products listed to your left are needed to complete your Motor insulation sound deadening, read printable instructions.

marine engine sound proofing printable instructions
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