Quick boat marine hot Water Heater w/heat exchanger SS

RV & Marine stainless steel hot Marine Water Heater tank heat exchanger electric: Cylindrical square & rectangular, compact to large.

All stainless steel hot marine hot Water Heater heat exchanger electric or heat exchanger Boat & RV , our hot water heater feature with a large exchanging surface for efficient heating, plus an electric element with an adjustable thermostat for safety. Three shapes, stainless steel rectangular, square and cylindrical-in popular capacities satisfy the installation requirements of most boats. The units are easy to install on a bulkhead, cabin sole or any flat surface. with exchanger heater marine hot Water heater stainless steel


Boat & RV boat water temp electric with heat exchanger

Our marine water heater exchanger tanks are constructed of 316 stainless steel tubing in a compact spiral shape with greater heat exchange capacity than comparable marine hot water. The high-quality 1.5mm thick 316 stainless steel tank is corrosion-proof and extremely durable. High-density polyurethane foam is injected for superior thermal insulation and heat retention. A relief/non-return valve allows discharge of unused water. 220V models are available by special order. Each unit includes, mounting hardware, user's manual and 3 year warranty card. All fittings are NPT. B3 series Marine water heaters Benefit

  • High quality materials.
  • Heat exchanger with wide exchange surface.
  • Produces hot water from the electric element, that is fitted with an adjustable safety thermostat.
  • Relief / non-return vale that allows discharging of the water heater in case of disuse.

The heat exchanger used for the “Nautic Boiler B3” is AISI 316L stainless steel. The heat exchange
capacity is notably higher than that achieved from other manufactures.

The tank is made of 1.5 mm gauge AISI 316 stainless steel welded with Argon shielding gas and hence
highly resistant to corrosive agents.
The electrical heating element is made of Incoloy®.

The thermal insulation is high density polyurethane foam injected between the cover and tank giving Marine Water Heaters stainless steel
excellent heat retention properties.



We also offer boat & RV heating elements & thermostats in addition to our quality Quick marine hot water heater with exchanger. now made in the USA and Italy